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Punta Cana Excursions - Samana and Macao Buggies!

by Alycia5827 2015-05-05
Samana Beautiful island, WONDERFUL experience. The produce tasting, horseback riding, waterfall and private beach was AMAZING! Wish I bought more chocolate, coffee and coconut oil. My horse Carmelo was slow, but that seemed to bother Armando (his handler) more than me - I like to take in the sights! Waterfall was refreshing and just enough time. Private beach was B-E-A-UUUUU-TIFUL!!! I had 2 problems with this excursion - 1. no one advises you that the 2 propeller plane goes higher than most commercial flights (this was the scariest experience of my life! I fly commercial all the time and have also been in helicopters and this was SCARY) and 2. the time at the private beach (Bacardi Island I think it was called) should be longer. The small plane ride would be the only reason I would not recommend this excursion - should atleast advise people so they know. I can only say it was worth it because we made it there and back safely! Macao Buggies Fun, exciting excursion. Lagoon was pretty. Another sampling of local produce - it was good. Again, the time at the beach wasn't long enough. Additionally, for some reason, on this excursion the drivers that pick you up and drop you off are rushing you - no thanks!

Samana whale watching - Punta Cana highlight!

by 115Pete_F 2015-03-26
We took the trip to the Samana Pennisula from Punta Cana and it was the highlight of our vacation. We started out on a flight in a 10 passenger Cessna twin cruising at roughly 6000 feet. We landed and boarded our open air transportation to our whale watching boat. It was toward the end of the whale watching season but we still saw quite a few whales. Next we headed to Bacardi Island which was not listed on the tour, so it was a pleasant surprise. Very nice beach. Next stop was lunch followed by a talk on local products and a cigar rolling demonstration. Next we went horseback riding with some really great guides. Our destination: El Limon Falls. The guides work for tips. All of our 3 guides were very helpful assisting us and giving us a hand whenever we need one. The falls are very nice and the pool provides a nice place to swim and cool down. After the horseback ride back we returned to the airport. We made it back without a hitch and made it back to our hotel. The entire excursion lasted about 12 hours from hotel pick up to drop off.


by AlexandreD 2015-02-20
We could not see whales due bad weather Pilot very responsible. I received my refund in 3 days Excellent!!

Whale watching Samana from Punta Cana by air!

by David O 2015-02-17
I was particularly impressed initially by the professional service provided when booking the trip from the UK a couple of months prior to our trip to DR. I Had to change the date of the trip prior to departure and communication and Accomodation of my request were all handled smoothly. The trip did have to be postponed for a day when we were in DR due to one of the aircraft being out of service, but it was communicated prior to our trip day and all of the rearrangements were set up for the following day. Pick up transport to the airfield was on time, the process through the airport terminal to the aircraft at departure and landing at Samana were extremely well organised, as was the return trip after the excursion. The day in Samana started with a trip to a "Ranch" where we were kitted out with Gum boots, helmets and horses. (Take a pair of socks to wear otherwise boots might not come off at the end). The purpose was to ride up to see the spectacular Cascada El Limon waterfall. the itinary indicated it was a 25 minute walk. I would suggest that was a conservative estimate as it was a fairly strenuous ride for those out of practice and at the end there was a very steep decent on foot down some steps to the falls. I overheard someone say 234 steps down and of course the same up again. The falls were stunning, it was a strenuous morning, I thoroughly enjoyed it, I would do it again. The horses had individual handlers who accompanied you and would let you handle the horses to your own skill level. To the extent where when the track allowed me to canter, I could and the handler happily sprinted behind the horse. These guys were great at assessing how much assistance individuals required and were extremely helpful and hard working. The brochure does suggest tipping them, however not suggesting an amount. Reality is US$20-25 so budget for it on the trip. They're well worth it. On return to the ranch we had lunch. Which was excellent. The afternoon was the main event which was the boat out to see whales in the bay. Once we were out in the bay we spent about an hour sighting and watching for whales to make appearances. We were blessed with seeing 4 separate pairs of mother and child. I did start to take photographs but soon stopped to just watch, admire and be amazed at the grace of these awesome animals. The wonder and emotion felt when watching these massive Humpback Whales at fairly close quarters is something that everyone should experience given the opportunity. The finale of the day was an hour or so sunbathing and swimming off the beach of the island Cayo .Leventado. Then the truck trip back to the airport and flight back to Punta Cana and transfer to hotel. Overall it was a long but extremely rewarding trip which I would recommend to all visitors to Punta Cana during the Whale season up in Samana. The guide who was a local to Samana was wonderful. He radiated a passion and pride in his Samana Region, was extremely friendly, knowledgeable, and professional, and coped with a mixed language group speaking fluently in Spanish, English and French.

Humpback Whale Whatching!

by Courtney G 2015-01-28
Very good experience. I went in January and was told the whales are more plentiful in February. But all in all very good, we did see some whales, the boat was lower down to the water which made it better. The trip to the falls first was very nice by horseback and the lunch was delicious. Plane rides were smooth. But it is the people of the Dominican Republic though that make everything so pleasant. They are so friendly and genuinely seem to care about your having a great time.


by Jacquie 2014-11-19
We had near perfect conditions when we left Punta Cana. It was so calm, sunny & clear all the way to Samana. We sailed for more than an hour and then spotted our first hump back whale. The whale seemed totally unconcerned by our boat being so close and carried on as normal. It was fantastic to see this huge creature in it's natural environment. The whale tour really was the highlight of our trip to Punta Cana.

Educational and Worth the Money

by Bruce J 2014-02-18
This was our first whale watching trip. The staff was knowledgeable and it was apparent that this was their passion. If you have the tendency to get sea sick, do not go on this trip. Do not take your kids on this trip if they get sea sick. They will only be miserable and ruin the trip for others. The trip was great, my only complaint was that little kids where throwing up all over the place. Overall, a great trip, but only go if you can stomach it.

Big Whales and Tails!

by Jean 2014-02-18
The day we went whale watching was amazing. There were lots of whales and my kids were in awe the whole day. The boat was clean and the crew was helpful to point out different fun facts on the whales and other marine life. I would highly recommend for families looking for adventure.

Fantastic Experience for All!

by Jersey Mom 2014-02-18
I've read the reviews before we purchased our tickets. I've found that everyone has pretty much the same advice, which I agree with now. Follow the advice before you go on board in terms of things to bring and possible sea sickness. Keep in mind, everyone will have different experiences! Ours was amazing! We went with our son on January 28th. It happened to be a calm, beautiful day. Our son is obsessed with whales, so we were worried if we did not see any whales. They advertise that they guarantee whales. We saw so many humpback whales that day, as well as a huge pod of dolphins following the boat. Then we got the real treat...a humpback calf appeared alongside the boat. That was the most amazing site I've seen. Enjoy, this trip was worth it!


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